The Original System
for Turbocharger Speed Measurement

Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) offers the PICOTURN 1G rotational speed sensor for turbochargers. Compared to optical or magnetic sensing systems, the PICOTURN system is proven as a rugged, reliable, simple, accurate and cost effective solution. The system’s functional principle is a 1MHz pulse induction with eddy current discrimination, using a compressor mounted solenoid sensor that detects and counts compressor vanes individually, generating a standard TTL/CMOS output signal. Maximum wheel speed measurement is 400,000 rpm, with a minimum operating speed of 390 rpm. The preferred turbo compressor wheel material is aluminum; titanium wheels require individual testing to verify compatibility with the PICOTURN sensor.

Standard PICOTURN-1G Sensors are passive sensors, exchangeable with an individual controller module. Use any 1G sensor with the PICOTURN-BM controller.


The PICOTURN system benefits from high sensitivity, allowing a large distance between sensor and the rotating vanes in the range of 1 at 0.6mm vane thickness. Various sensors are available to accommodate numerous user cases differentiated by the length and thread the sensor head. The PTSM-H series benefits from enhanced sensitivity, enabling use with titanium wheel and other critical applications where higher temperatures are a priority.

Sensor Tip Element TemperatureStandard sensor: –40°C to +250°C*

H-type sensor: –40°C to +270°C*
IP67 ratingYes
Sensor Body DimensionsFine thread M5x0.5, with various lengths 25mm to 60mm

Standard thread M5x0.8, with various lengths 40mm to 70mm
Extension cableMax length 1.5 meters / 2.5 meters
* Excess temperature tolerated for short periods
Dimensions150 x 84 x 30 mm
IP67 ratingNo
Number of Vanes1 to 15, 16 to 31
Digital OutputTTL/CMOS (One impulse per N vanes, N = 1 to 31)
Analog Output0.5 to 4.5V
Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Supply Voltage8 to 30 volts DC
H-Type, High Sensitivity Version
-40°C to +280°C Sensor Head Temperature Range; 1.5m Cable Length
SensorPart NumberSensor LengthThread LengthDiameterDrawing
Standard Type
-40°C to +250°C Sensor Head Temperature Range; 1.5m Cable Length
SensorPart NumberSensor LengthThread LengthDiameterDrawing (click to enlarge image)
NamePart NumberDescription
PTCM V1.0220340001Signal conditioning box with standard interface
PTCM V1.0L220390001Signal conditioning box with LEMO interface connector
PICOTURN-BM V6.2202300004Controller with BNC output connectors for 8-30V power supply
PTCM-1.5-nc220320001System interface power cable, open ends, 1.5 m length
PTCM-3.0-nc220320002System interface power cable, open ends, 3.0 m length
PTCM-1.5-BNC220320003System interface power cable, BNC connectors for singals, banana jack connectors for power, 1.5 m length
Extension Cable220120001SMB-SMB, for sensors; 1.5m length
PTSM 5F.x Clamping nut220030002For fine thread sensors -SM5F.x