PICOTURN — The Successful Solution To Detect Turbo Speed

Smart Sensors for Measuring
Turbocharger Speed

PICOTURN sensors are in widespread use in on and off-road vehicles as well as heavy equipment applications by major OEM’s and Tier Ones globally.

High Performance at Competitive Cost

The sensor is placed directly at the compressor wheel which allows precise measurement of rotational speeds up to 400,000 rpm.

Environmentally Robust

High-operating temperature of up to 270 °C. Measurement unaffected by dirt, oil and dust.

Simple Implementation

Self-adjustment simplifies mounting. Picoturn sensors are suitable even for small compressor wheels (32 mm) and adapted for single stage and two stage systems.

Picoturn - The Successful Solution To Detect Turbo Speed

With the Picoturn® product family, ATI has established a popular and well-known series of rotational speed sensors for turbochargers. This product family demonstrates the wide range of applications covered by precision time measurements. Picoturn® represents a mature and cost effective measurement system for end users.
Measurement Method

High-temperature sensors
up to 270°C

The new H-series sensors are optimized for high sensitivity, critical applications.
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Our Partners

The PICOTURN range is developed and manufactured by AMS, distributed globally by Accurate Technologies (ATI).

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